Missin' the Mill Spot!

Flat Ground at the Mill Spot   [o]MacLeod
A couple months ago a sad thing happened, Port Alberni's Mill decided they no longer wanted skaters on their property and destroyed everything that the P.A Fam had been built up over the last 3 years. I don't think it could have happened at a worse time either because it had just been upgraded and improved weeks before. The homies spent countless hours, money and heart into making a spot for skaters in Port to enjoy and overnight it was instantly gone.

Sean Hanebury - Backlip over the Gap    [o]MacLeod
I find this very heart wrenching because for years Port Alberni didn't have a street spot where everyone could kick it and skate. Don't get me wrong, PA has some sick spots but when it comes to a spot where everyone can chill and have fun the park is really your only option. That all changed when the security guard station was moved from the entrance to the mill and we were able to start walking into the spot!

Benson Wishart - Boned Back 180    [o]Macleod
Mill spot was built around an inactive helicopter landing pad, is surrounded by yellow barriers and a long pop out ledge as you entered through the gates. At first no one really cared to skate the ledges because they were so chunky and gross, but the possibility of having a ledge spot kept bring people back to work on it. Slowly ledges were waxed and rub bricked till they were skateable, angle iron was added to the over gap ledge, objects to skate were brought by skaters and at the height of its existence there were cement transitions built, making it one Vancouver Islands best ghetto spots!

Jamie Collins - Heelflip    [o]MacLeod
As with most good things, Mill Spot has come to an end and I'm bummed it's not waiting for me to skate whenever I go home. I can't complain because I thoroughly enjoyed it while it was there and I will always have memories from all the amazing times! Who knows maybe one day the mighty Mill Spot will be rebuilt and brought back to its full glory... one can only wish! Here are some montages of the Mill Spot in its "Golden Age" from one of my best friends Benson Wishart so you can get a better idea of what it was all about! And if your a big of fan of Benson's montages like I am you'll be stoked to hear that hes cooking a lil something up in the kitchen and obviously, You Got That!!!

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