Mo' Mondays

Most people don't like Mondays and it's quite understandable, but I try and take the glass half full approach to them. It's not always easy to be positive about Mondays but at the end of it all they are something we will have to live with forever, so might as well make peace. The way I think of it as we're lucky to enjoy another glorious day in beautiful British Columbia and at least we don't have to worry about a lot of the stresses the world brings! So if you bummed out change that shit up and get hyped, if you can to it yourself this sick little seq from Luke might help out a bit. Luke has this trick on lock and got it quickly on this extended bench. Well I'm outta here, I hope everyone has a great Monday, You Got That!


Luke Connor - Back Lip, Switch Front Crook and Back to Regs      [o]MacLeod

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