Ode To Eric Timmins

I have decided to dedicate this post to Mr. Eric Timmins mainly because Eric is one of the most funnest, supportive and kind ma fuckas I know not to mention he kills it on a skate. Another thing I love about Timmins is that he just wants to skate, he doesn't care if there is a filmer or a photog hes gonna skate and hes gonna skate hard. This sw bs flip below isn't small, and when he said he wanted to do it without a filmer I was a bit questionable because like come on look at the gap. None the less Eric started hucking and rolled away from one of the most stomped sw tricks I've watched in real time! Next time you see Eric walking around give him some daps and pounds and say ET, You Got That!

- Matt

Eric Timmins - Sw Bs Flip     [o]MacLeod
Eric with the Sequence to Prove the Land   [o]MacLeod

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