P.A. Throw Backs #2

I think the best thing about looking through old photos is all of the memories that are sparked by looking at them. When I look at my old photos from Port Alberni it reminds me of all the great times my homies and myself had in our high school days, and it also makes me feel grateful that I still am skating and out capturing more memories to reminisce about in years to come! Here's another four flicks from the photo vault. YGT! Reppin' V.I. since we was knee high!!!!

Benson Wishart - Ollie (Circa 2005)      [o]MacLeod
This spot was a P.A. bingo hall gem, I say "it was" because the kicker was destroyed and replaced by a fenced in loading dock. My homie James Anderson happened to be behind me holding a flash for me, a technique called the human tripod that is still practiced by me on the regular.

Aaron Sheare - Massive Kf Back Lip  (Circa 2006)   [o]MacLeod
This kickflip back lip is fucked, just fucked. I was so lucky to get this photo of Shredder because it was the first try and only one I shot. The quality isn't the best but fuck is that flip back lip beastly!

- Matt

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