Promotional Promos

   Having to update this blog daily can get pretty stressful at times, especially when we want the posts up as early as possible. No one's perfect and sometimes you just forget! This Saturday the boys and I remembered we hadn't prepared a Sunday post yet, so Leo spent yesterday getting this done. Unfortunately the upload to YouTube failed once and this wasn't on YouTube until lateeee, so apologies for this post being a day late!!
   Online parts are becoming pretty common these days with AMs and pros dropping their latest footage to let everyone know what they've been up to to help themselves and their sponsors, promotional promos! No self promotion intended, but Leo Graceffo and Corey Cawdell must have been drinking some crazy water up in Courtenay because they be illllin! On December 11, 2011, YGT brings you a full length street part feauturing Leo, Corey, and clips of Nico Graceffo as well, get hyped!!!


Watch it in 720p HD!

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