Sick Days Are the Best Days

   A couple Saturdays ago I decided to call in sick to work; I felt like sleeping in a little more and judging by the blue sky I saw out my window some skating would definately be happening! After doing some morning chores I headed to the park to see if any of the boys were down to go street skate. I headed downtown with Trevor Mcdermid, TJ Watt, and Leon Breton to name just a few.
   After Leon got a trick at the newly refurbished Scotia Bank, we headed across the road to the Hudson to skate the ledge and the barrier. Trevor was warming up with some bluntslides on the barrier and I called out a blunt bigspin for him and he was down to try! After landing it reallly quick I pulled out my cam and we caught another!

Trevor Mcdermid- bluntslide bigspin [o] Connor

   If you don't know by now, TJ has pop. His dreads act as an anti-gravity force when he ollies and they basically proppel him upwards like a rasta helicopter. Although this isn't the hardest trick, popping an ollie this high and this stylish off an uphill mini bump is damn good to look at! I'm gonna enjoy my day off though so I'm out!! Go get that!!


TJ Watt- ollie [o] Connor

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