Skater's Last Try

   Every skater is all too common to, "One more try!!" This is known as skater's last try; the skater proclaims last try, but he usually won't stop until the filmer makes him, or he lands it.. This one day at Uvic Aidan was coming damn close to this long curved nose manny nollie flip but he just wasn't able to get all 4's rolling. After many "last tries" Aidan finally stopped trying. As I was packing up my gear he tried it one more time and landed it, what the fuhh!! I set up and he did it again the next time!! On a side note, it's nice today so go skate...Why Jee Tee?

*Click photo for larger view!!*
Aidan Broe- nose manny nollie flip [o] Connor

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