Throw Back Week

I have had no time to shoot what so ever this last week and will continue to not have anytime to shoot this week coming up because of massive amounts of school work. I forgot how stressful and crazy school can get when you actually want to do good, If you don't care school is a slice. Since I can not get anything new shot I'm going to go wayyyyy back in the vaults and pull out some old shots from P.A. that are becoming ancient and show you guys what I was shooting 6 years ago.

Jamie Collins - Crooked Grind (Circa 2006)    [o]MacLeod
This shot I took this on my old Nikon FM2, and one Sunpak 544 on a sync cord. Shit was ghetto but it did the job! Jamie some how can skate any type of terrain, stairs, hardrails, mini ramps you name it hes got that!

Sean Hanebury - Kickflip (Circa 2005)    [o]MacLeod
This is the first flip trick I ever shot on this infamous Island cheese wedge, and I remember when I developed this roll of film how stoked I was on Sean's kickflip! Again shot with my FM2 and 1 flash on a sync cord!

Benson Wishart - Backside 180 (Circa 2005)  [o]MacLeod
This was the first time I shot at bank to barrier where someone was poppin over the barrier, so when Benson asked me if I wanted to shoot this backside 180 I was so hyped! Again with the FM2 and one flash on a sync cord. If you were wondering if Benson has always had steezy backside 1's the answer is ohhhhh yeeeeeaaaa!!

- Matt

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