Trees Aren't Just For Hippies

   Are you ever walking home after a night of beverages and see some totally random "spot" and think, "Oh coooool, that'd be fuun!!" Yeah, well this is one of those spots. Dan had spotted this tree on numerous drunken occasions, and all it took was a sober evening for us to get down to business and try and shoot a trick on it. Seeing as it is a tree, there aren't too many trick options for it; after all, who doesn't want to ride a tree? That's some Tarzan shhiiiii!!! Dan took some slams trying this tree wallride gap out, but eventually got it done and rode away into the jungle of the night!!!

   This Sunday Tyler McCulloch has Got That! Matt will have an interview with Tyler, and he'll be displaying a trailer for his upcoming video that will be debuting on YGT, get some!!


Dan Lintaman- tree ride gap out [o] Connor

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