B-side Saturday #10

   It's feels like its been awhile since I had a chance to post up on here. Luke had last week's B-Sides and the week prior we were locked out of the account right as I was about to post up Corey, Nico and my part. Feels good to be posting again and I'm gonna do my best to get more involved with YGT, contributing as much as possible!

   This week's footy is all tricks that didn't get used for projects I was working on. The green benches at Vic West Elementary are perfect for filming lines and I'm lucky to live down the road from them so I sesh them on a regular basis. Cheyenne ended up one-upping this line.. which you will get to see soon, so with that being said be on the lookout for some goods from Cheyenne dropping in the new year!
   These next two clips didn't make it into mine and Coreys part, I wasn't stoked on the un-locked in front crook at the end so I felt it would be best in a B-Side Saturday.
   One night after a un successful first few spots we were on our way home to pile out and call it a night, I actually couldn't find were I parked my car so Corey, Jayden and myself were skating around downtown looking for it when we ran into Matt G outside of Sitka. Matt wanted to hit up Fitness World so we decided to not be bunk and skate one more spot. After a quick kickout by a rent-a-cop public hero we decided to go to Uptown and try our luck there instead. The landing at this spot is pretty narrow but after rolling into the wall a few times Corey rolled away from a nollie bigspin. I knew Corey has nollie big heels down so I suggested he throw a few out there and he ended up doing it 3rd try! (for the nollie big heel click here) Corey's Got That!!

Have a great Christmas Eve everyone and check back tomorrow for a little Christmas present from YGT!


Watch it in 720p HD!

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