B-Side Saturday #8 VX'D

   A few days ago i was looking back at all my old vx files and came across a few unused clips i forgot about. My vx2000 was the first camera i bought and im really glad it got me hooked on filming, although it only lasted me about six months before hitting the dust and loosing me a gang of money!

   This first clip was one of those spur of the moment tricks that go down in a sesh, I didn't even think Andrew was gonna skate it then out of nowhere he airwalks it in a few trys! I was hyped.
   Ace can skate anything tranny obviously but hes also amazing at rails, ledges, stairs you name it he got that! The over the rail spot at the church in Nanaimo is my favourite spots on the island, its even fun to just ollie over all day! I bet Ace felt good rolling away from this steezy varial heel!
    Heres another trick from the comox el sesh from Jason Mcrea, If you ever tried to skate this spot you know the landing is slightly down hill and the cement is super chaud. I don't think its really possible to ride away from a good trick here without eating shit a few time before gettin it. Jason has really smooth style and can make any trick look easy so enjoy this feeble and have yourselfts a great sunny saturday!!


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