Good To Be Back!

   I'm glad that the blog is back and able to post again! I'll get back into it by showing some seqs courtesy of Trevor Mcdermid and Leon Breton.
   Leon was skating this manny to drop doing kf manuals on it, he then started trying heelflip in. He did it really quick and easy so I had to shoot a seq of it! Leon went back at it and did 3 more before doing one he was fully satisfied with, Leon's got tricks!!

Leon Breton- heelflip manny [o] Connor

   Trevor and I went to shoot this tailslide flip out late one afternoon after skating the park for way longer than we should have. He was pretty confident about this so he quickly got to work. He landed this one for the seq and did one again for film that was absolutely flawless!! Peep the footy in a 2011 street edit I'm putting together that will be dropping on YGT January 1st!!!


Trevor Mcdermid- tailslide flip out [o] Connor

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