Happy New Years!

   I can't believe its 2012 tomorrow! I hope the world don't end this year because we got big plans over here. As most of you can already see me an Luke put up some pages to make looking back past at videos and interviews much easier, so if you got some spare time look back at the year! To start the year off on a good note Luke's cleaned all his good 2011 footy off his computer an threw it into a sick new years montage for you guys so get hyped for that dropping tomorrow!!

   Now to get down to the B-Sides, first up is a quick blunt from Keith Stevenson he actually ended up doing this blunt switch and on the whole rail later!
   "This clip is from way back in April, the first time I ever went out skating with Leon. It was me, Leon, Rich Redman and Sean Hanebury. Everyone got tricks on this spot and this was one of the few tricks Leon did on this super tight transition, but he did better tricks at the spot so that is why this clip is in here!" - Luke
   Im actually pretty stoked to have a Delano clip in this, awhile ago a gang of Courtenay homies came down to vic for the day an we all met up at uvic. The kicker was one of the first spots of the day, a few tricks went down including this alyoop 3flip i think this might even be Delanos first street clip!

Have a great new years and remember to check back tomorrow!!


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