Late Night Learning

   I went to Uvic last night with Dan Lintaman, Cort Watt, Lucas Hodges and Richard Redman. We had all decided that it might be fun to go skate Uvic so at 8pm we all headed out and were on the road. Anyone remember those "While You Were Sleeping" Plan B podcast videos? Well at Uvic it's more like "While You Were Studying". We were cruising around Uvic campu searching for spots to skate and photos to shoot, while most people on campus were probably busy studying like hell for their exams. Damn it feels good to be a skatah!
   We started off at this spot so Rich could shoot a trick on the wall. After he got that, he did this boneless on the tight steep bank while I was putting away my gear. I had to shoot it though so out came the gear and Rich got his second photo at the spot!

Rich Redman- boneless [o] Connor

   Cort wanted to go shoot a photo of a wallride he had already filmed; seeing as he'd already landed it I felt pretty stoked to shoot it. He did it twice in less than 10 tries which was hype! A damn good night at school!


Cort Watt- wallride [o] Connor

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