Morning Rush

   Ideally speaking, when you wake up in the morning to go to work it's nice to not feel rushed to stampede out the door and actually start the morning off on a good note. The opposite can also be said.. this morning I woke up thinking, "Sure feel rested this morning, and my alarm still hasn't gone off!" I looked at the time and I was supposed to have started work 15 minutes prior, kinda blew that one. Needless to say I didn't have the time or the clear enough thinking to do a blog post this morning and I just got back from shooting so I'm sorry this is so late! Here's a stylish kickflip of Drew from last night at Uvic. No one really skates this spot like this but Drew thought a kickflip off the gap and over the bottom pillar corner would be fun, so he did it cuz he Got That!


Drew Copleston- kickflip over bottom pillar corner [o] Connor

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