Pullin' Bluntz

   Some of you may be wondering what the fate of YGT will be now that Matt will no longer be posting. Leo and I will still be posting 5 days a week (Me on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, Leo on Saturday, and something dope on Sunday). We will be working our asses off to bring you original content on a regular basis, so expect bigger and better things in 2012!!
   Here is a sequence of Henri Simpson from back in July that had been sitting on my memory card until a couple days ago when I finally got around to putting the sequence together haha. This was just fun and games for Henri but it's still sick so why not put it to good use! Also, thanks to Benson Wishart and Brenton Paupst for putting together a quick little edit of some Gucci Timmins mangg for your viewing pleasure!


Click photo for larger view!!
Henri Simpson- noseblunt pull in [o] Connor

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