The Streak is Broken!

My homie Jayden and myself haven't been able to get a photo for awhile but that all changed when we hit up a spot he had been scoping for awhile. We didn't get to skate it for about 45 minutes after we waxed it up because of a cop sitting in his car across the street. After a walk around the block and scoping other possible spots he drove away right as we walked up, perfect timing!

Jayden Prescott - Tailslide   [o]MacLeod
Bad news on the photo front for myself, my viewfinder busted on the weekend so I probably won't be able to shoot photos for about a month. Pretty lame, but ah well shit happens, I will be posting random stuff while I'm not shooting so look forward to some random posts of random shit! Anyways time to start studying like whoa cause finals are looming!

- Matt

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