Way Back When

   This is a photo Sean Hanebury and I shot way back in April when I had moved to Vic just a month prior. I didn't shoot a photo for the first 3 weeks I was here until I had the chance to shoot with Sean. The first day we went out shooting we managed to get 4 photos, and this night we got this plus 2 more photos. Needless to say I really enjoy shooting with Sean, it's always a pleasure! This ledge is pretty hard to skate with the ollie up onto the curb before the 50-50 and the low hanging ceiling, but Sean's Got That!!

Sean Hanebury- 50-50 [o] Connor

   This another photo I've had sitting on my computer for some time now. Dan and I were out trying to shoot a different trick but it never happened due to getting kicked out so we just went to Mayfair to shoot this rasta themed backtail on this flatbar before it was dark and while the clouds were still bangin!!

**On a side note, due to the winter months and all the rain it brings, YGT will not be posting on Tuesdays and Fridays until Spring decides to roll around and we got better weather to get shiiii donee!!!


Dan Lintaman- backtail [o] Connor

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