When Shit Goes Right!

Going out on skate missions is very comparable to day to day life, sometimes you're productive as shit while everything goes your way and sometimes whatever your doing amounts to nothing and you can't seem to catch a break. While I was looking through my photo-bank I stumbled upon this random folder from a 24hr period in fall 2009 when shit seemed to just go right!

It all stared on a Friday night when a few of us went to the White Spot rail downtown Van. My homie Marten Maxwell wanted to get a warm up fifty in preparation for a smith grind down it the next day, I don't know how he skated this in the pitch dark but he landed it within 5 tries. Random fact, I don't look through my view finder anymore because of shooting this photo. One try I decided to look through it to make sure my composition was good and Marten's board almost took off my head. The next time I looked through my fisheye was two years later and my pocket wizard was smashed off my camera...  never again.

Marten Maxwell - 50-50    [o]MacLeod
The next day started early with my homie Redmond, he decided that on the way to skate the EA Manny pad he wanted to shoot this ollie over this big barrier in an alley. We set up, got the trick and bounced within 10 minutes and was a great pit stop!

Dan Redmond - Ollie  [o]MacLeod
You usually get kicked out of the EA Manny pad pretty quickly so there's always a sense of urgency when skating it. Dan deals well with pressure and quickly got this nollie hardflip manny. We then peaced out as quick as we came.

Dan Redmond - Nollie Hardflip Manny     [o]MacLeod
After our speedy exit we were off to meet Marten at White Spot to shoot the smith grind he had been wanting to do. Marten decided to fifty it again to warm up again and you'd think it would go down fast because he did it in the dark quickly the night before, but this time he got tossed pretty bad a couple times before landing it.

Marten's hand missing a nice chunk of flesh    [o]MacLeod
Now skating this set was near impossible with the foot traffic on a Saturday, he would get a try every 4 minutes or so and after a few tries Marten broke his board. There had been way to much time and effort put into getting this trick to stop now so let him use my board to get the job done. After some truck adjustments Marten threw down the smith right away!

Marten Maxwell - Smith Grind    [o]MacLeod
At this point I was very satisfied with how our day had gone so far and would have been happy calling it quits, but everyone was pretty pumped from Marten's smith and decided to cruise to the Georgia Banks to end the day. Dan quickly threw down manny trick on the banks skating it in a way I hadn't seen personally before so I was stoked! At the end of the sesh my old roomate Trevor decided to throw a trick down the 8 set, by that time my camera batteries were near dead but he got that lander just before they died!

Dan Redmond - Nollie Backside Flip Manny    [o]MacLeod
Trevor Klemke - Switch Hardflip    [o]MacLeod
Super productive days like this very rarely happen, so when your able to get more than 6 photos in a day, not get kicked out of any spots and have an amazing time while doing it you always want to look back and savor them!

- Matt

Ps. Congratulations to Luke and Leon for getting your first published photo together in the SBC Photo Annual! You Got That!!

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