YGT on Push.ca!

With the recent drop of Leo, Nico and Corey's street part and Stacy Gabriels Other Point Of View Interview, YGT has been getting some good looks from SBC Skateboard and Concrete Skateboard's websites. When Frank Daniello who is Editor-In-Chief of Concrete Magazine as well as a huge contributor to Push.ca asked me if he could showcase YGT's first street part as a little blurb on the blog earlier this week on Push.ca I instantly said yes then holla'd at Luke and Leo to tell them the good news. Now that it has been posted up on push we can let you guys in on the good news too! We are all hyped as fuck as whats been happening with the blog and want to thank all you guys for coming to back to check it day after day!! You guys fuel us to keep  posting like mad men so hella props! Check out our Push.ca post below!


Benson has been on a montage making spree and I am hyped as fuck!! Benson's montages all day err day, especially now that he's applying Burg Beats to them, this equals the Deadliest combo. Here is a montage from the Instrumental demo at Jay's Lace It Up in Port Alberni in the Summer, also get hyped for another street montage that Benson is working on for us right now!! You Ma Fuckin Got That!!

 - Matt

Video edited by: Benson Wishart
Filmed by: Brenton Paupst / Benson Wishart
Skaters: Jamie Collins, Aaron Sheare, Trevor Houlihan, Dan Redmond, Eric Timmins, Brandan Soros and Matt Gravel

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