B-Side Saturday #12

   In past posts I've ranted about how sick the Courtenay ghetto spot was, but every time I look at footy or photos I can't help but reminisce about all the fun times I had skating there with friends. The spot was at an old mill that got ripped out a few years back in the heart of downtown Courtenay. It faced a major road which made it sketchy to be building spots in broad daylight, but somehow we got away with it. The place was fenced off so we had to jump a fence to get in. At one point they put up no trespassing signs, but surprisingly that's as far as they ever went. Knowing deep down that something so good could never last, no one took the place for granted; the thought of it one day being gone motivated us to get our tricks in while we could and skate there as much as possible. Ghetto spot consisted of an uprail, an oddly shaped chunk of metal that worked as a rainbow ledge, a pole jam with a bit of tranny cemented around it, an amazing out-ledge off a small curb which happened to be most people's favorite obstacle, and the most recent addition was a steep cemented bank spearheaded by Keith and a few homies. A Couple months ago I found out that the ledge, along with a few other things, got destroyed overnight - no one knows who did it. Maybe it's a sign to re-build bigger and better things? I hope the lot hasn't been sold!

   My plan was to go over each trick like I usually do for the B-Bide Saturdays but unfortunately my battery is at 6% and I forgot to bring my charger with me...my bad. So enjoy some tricks by Lucas Meggitt, Jason Wilson, and Ace Sugimoto! Check back tomorrow for YGT's second episode of "A Day In the Streets"!


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