B Side Saturday #13

   So yesterday was Friday the 13th, and today is the 13th episode of B-Side Saturdays and also YGT's 150th post.. important numbers or just a coincidence? I'll go with the latter. These tricks were filmed just two days ago while I was out skating with Matt Gravel, Benson Wishart, Dylan Timmins and Dane Pryds. We came to this spot to skate the barrier to bench but a van was blocking it so we decided to film some tricks on the other side of the building until the van left. There isn't much to say about these tricks but here it is: Matt G did this line the first try once I started filming, Benson did this ollie to manny basically first try but took a few more tries to do it again when I started filming it, and Dylan....is just being Dylan. I wouldn't be surprised if he was the first person to ollie into this thing, and he may as well throw in a couple tricks after to make it a line. That's that, now go get That!


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