B-Side Saturday #14

   Sorry this is up so late i didn't have time to post before work and blogspot wasn't working from my phone on my lunch break but anyways this weeks clips are just some b-roll tricks from the YGT part awhile back, I'm gonna keep this brief because I'm in a bit of a hurry.
   Nico did this nollie flip twice and this one actually happened to be the better of the two but i really fucked up the filming trying to find a new angle, sorry bro! The next clips just a warm up 5050 at a fun bike rack spot in campbell river, just after that 5050 i hit my lens then broke my board hah. Last up is this fakie manny flip out from Corey, we ended up coming back another day and getting the trick in a line it actually ended up taking less time to do it in the line then the first time he did it! Corey's got that!

Remember to check back tomorrow for an interview with Brett Box, its definitely worth a read!


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