B Side Saturday #15

   For whatever reason, there seems to always be certain photos or clips you never end up posting or showing anyone for a quite a while, and these 3 clips are fine examples.
   This nose manual from Jayden was back in July. Not too long ago, but it probably should've made an appearance in an edit by this time. Jayden knows how to swerve and curve so a nose wheelie along this narrow, curving ledge was no big deal! Even the old lady thought it was sick.
   This is a second angle of a switch crook from Matt G at this school out in Gordon Head. Seeing as it's fairly high coming at it from this way, as well as being wood, a switch crook is pretty good on this spot. Matt did this many times this session, so maybe it was just too easy for him?
   This was back in April when I first moved to Victoria. Sean and I hopped into this session with Leon Breton and Rich Redman when they said they were gonna go skate Ogden Point while we were all at the park. This spot is steep and has hardly any transition into it at the bottom. It looks like a really fun spot until you try and skate it. This was one of multiple tricks Sean did at this spot this day, pivot to fakie being one of them, all with hardly any troubles at all. Guess he's just Got That.
   Tomorrow Corey Cawdell will Whoop That Trick so make sure to check it, it's a good one!


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