The Race Of the Formats

   Back before skate videos were getting mass produced like pairs of Nikes you would always see the photo of the trick way before the footage ever surfaced. In recent years though, with the help(?) of the internet, it is not uncommon to see the footage of a trick before the mags or websites have time to publish the photo. One trick recently that comes to mind is Dylan Reider's nollie backheel on the cover of Transworld, which was published months after the footage was in their latest video. If that's how things are going I may as well keep with the trend! Here's the ollie Aidan Broe did in YGT's New Year's Day edit. We were walking by on the way to another spot at Uvic when we noticed this spot. I suggested to Aidan he should try it, and 3 tries later he was rolling away. Not too bad!


Aidan Broe- ollie [o] Connor

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