He Who Battles Shall Reap the Rewards

   When you are trying a trick that is taking a long time, it takes a toll on your body and your mind. Slam after slam your energy depletes, but your desire to land the trick grows; sometimes you win the battle, sometimes you are left to walk away beaten and mentally drained. Every skater knows this feeling. Whether it was that struggle to land your very first kickflip, taking a new trick to a street spot, or whatever the case may be, skateboarding teaches us very valuable lessons that are very synonymous with life. Nothing is ever as easy as you wish it could be, but that's why skateboarding makes us better humans. When lots of people would give up, us skateboarders keep on pushing and trying our ass off because we know what light is at the end of the tunnel. That feeling you get when you land a trick you've been working hard for compares to nothing else. To struggle and succeed through pain and agony is by far more worthwhile than to accomplish something easily with no battle at all.
   The traffic on this road is very busy, even late at night as it's part of the old Island Highway. This spot is a lot harder to skate than it looks so seeing as Sean was only getting a try about every 4 minutes he was making the most out of each try. He cracked his board on one of the tries but kept on skating and eventually managed to get up on top of a 5-0 and rolled away clean! A little battle goes a long way!


Sean Hanebury- ollie up to 5-0 [o] Connor

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