The Meet Market

   Meeting new people is a very interesting thing. With how many people reside on this planet you are bound to encounter some great ones, some unlikeable ones, and others you just don't know what to think of. There will be those people that you feel you have known your entire life, those you never want to see again, some who will make you realize things about yourself you never thought about before, and anything else you can think of. No one is the same; the possibilities are endless. That's one of the things I really love about skateboarding, you're always meeting new people! Since we all have something we love in common, the likelihood of comradery is way higher than meeting someone who doesn't skate at all.
   I met Jeremy Randall back in the summer through Cyrus Stafford, who I had met up with at the park this day to go street skate. He said to me, "Can my buddy Jeremy come skate? He's good, you'll get something for sure". At first impression, Jeremy was a nice dude who liked to skate and happened to be good at it, so I had no problem at all with him coming along for the session. Knowing that Jeremy can skate tranny fairly well, we decided to go to the Elk Lake bank to try and get some photos before he had to rush off to the ferries. Jeremy noseblunted from tranny to tranny a handful of times and afterwards got a bluntslide 180 that was previously posted here on YGT (click link for that post). After getting both photos, he hopped into his car and drove off, leaving the session just as quickly as he came into it.

   This Sunday Leo will have a little edit from a dopeeee spot he and Corey Cawdell found the other day, so you Victorians be prepared to be stoked!


Jeremy Randall- noseblunt [o] Connor

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