Snow White

   I've been dreading the first snowfall in Victoria for a little while but now that it's happened, it wasn't all too bad. Enough snow was gone by afternoon and even got dry enough for me to go get some shooting done! Hopefully the snow from last night and the rest of Winter disappears just as quick.
   When I was out skating with Benson, Matt G, Dylan, and Dane, we walked by these stairs and suggested to Benson he should just ollie it. Benson's ollie'd some pretty big shi, so this wasn't much of an issue for him. The landing ground is like a cheese grater, and Benson's hand happened to be some cheese. After a couple little slams, Benson rolled away and I had my first photo I've shot with Benson. Good way to start things off.


Benson Wishart- ollie [o] Connor

after [o] Connor

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