Spontaneous Spots

   Just as in life, skateboarding is spontaneous and often tricks go down or spots are found when least expected. I like it most when this happens because you go into it with no expectations so if something goes down then it's rad, but if not oh well! This one particular night I was skating downtown with Leo Graceffo and Corey Cawdell when we decided to go to the now non-skateable over garbage bin gap at the museum/Imax. Right after I had setup my flashes and was ready to shoot security started rolling up so Corey only had one try at his trick and unfortunately didn't get it. As we were waiting across the street to see if the guard would leave and we could try and get one more try in, I spotted this midbar just up the road and suggested Leo should smith it. He was down and he did it fairly quickly! It was a nice surprise to get a photo because I wasn't too sure anything else was gonna go down!


Leo Graceffo- smith pop out [o] Connor

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