Surpassed expectations

When someone tells you about a new "amazing" spot its usually to good to be true, the ledges don't grind, theres cracks in the run up or landing, it looked better from the car, its capped already and so on.. but with this spot that was not the case - for once a spot was even better then it sounded. Corey had come across this spot while attending one of his cousins soccer games. He made it sound so sick we had to go back and check it out, when we finally found out how to get there we were definitely not disappointed! Not claiming we are the first people to skate this spot since one of the ledges had a bit of wax on it already but i cant believe I've never seen it before. The place reminds me of the mike mo ledges from fully flared but almost better, after your done your ledge line theres a small kicker around the corner which is perfect for ending your line. Killing a good 2 hours at this spot was easy, here's a few fun lines we filmed while we were there!


Hit 720p to watch in HD!

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