Wet Karma

   I don't remember everything from my childhood, but I do believe I never really had candy taken from me. I was never one of those unfortunate babies whose precious candy was constantly getting snagged; I was probably taking it from others in fact. Well, it appears karma has come back to haunt me. Mother Nature is constantly taking my candy, littering the streets with rain and washing away my happiness. I'll be at work looking at how nice it's getting outside, already knowing what it'll be like to go skate once I'm home. I believe I got that, but Mother agrees otherwise and takes my candy away, leaving me to sob on the couch and play video games. One day my negative karma should run out though and I'll be left to skate when I want to. The rain holds off for Matt Gravel though; his chain hangs high, but he can still switch ollie over it.

Matt Gravel- switch ollie to hill bomb [o] Connor

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