What's To Come

   Over the next few weeks I'll be posting all the photos that have already appeared in videos YGT's posted. There's still a handful to post so I need to get 'em posted and into your eyesight! We'll start off with this frontboard with a bit of a gap in and out of Leo Graceffo. We came across this wooden bench while making our way back to the car and although we didn't have any wax with us, Leo was still down to try it. We took a rock to the top of it to try and smooth the wood out a bit to make it slide better, but I don't think it really did all too much. After one close call after sticking, Leo went at this with a fair bit of speed and rolled away solid.. as you have probably already seen! This was the land.
   Also, this Sunday on YGT, we will have an interview with well known photographer Brett Box about a little something something he's been working on. This will be the first time Brett has done an interview or really said much for that matter about this project, so make sure to check it!!


Leo Graceffo- frontboard [o] Connor

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