Whoop That Trick: kickflip nose manual

   Corey's got balance. Watching him skate a manny pad gives me no hope of ever doing a good manual trick, but for him it's as easy as rolling. Corey and I filmed the flip nose wheelies in the park a few months ago but had never been able shoot one in the streets. All this changed this past week when we decided to go night skate after work, seeing as the streets were actually dry for once. Fitness World seemed like the best spot to get a manny trick for Corey, and it was. After a few kickflip nose manuals as warmup, Corey started trying to bigspin out. It took Corey longer than he would have liked, but all that matters is that he landed it and it's up here on YGT!


Corey Cawdell- kf nose manual bigspin [o] Connor

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