YGT: A Day In the Streets #2

   This was a day about a month ago when the Courtenay homies Keith Stevenson, Ace Sugimoto and Shay Sandiford were in town. After waking up we decided to go down to the Vic West Elementary benches to warm up. Keith was trying a line for a little bit but couldn't get it as good as he wanted, but since there was more spots to hit in the day we called it and headed out.
   The next spot was Vic High to meet up with Henri Simpson to try and shoot a switch backside flip down the 9. He landed on it multiple times but just wasn't able to stick it unfortunately; always another day!
   After some eats and a spot check or two we headed to the inner harbour to shoot a switch crook of Keith on the gate. He did it really quick and again we were off to another spot.

We ended up at this 12 stair in Rock Bay with Ace in mind originally, but when we got there he wasn't the feeling the huck so Keith stepped in and after a gnarly slam rolled away from an ollie over the homies for fun!

Keith Stevenson- ollie the boys [o] Connor

   The last spot of the evening was Uptown shopping centre. After his slam he was feeling pretty sore but wanted to crook the 7 rail just to get one last trick in the day.
   Shay hadn't gotten a trick yet so we went to the 5 stair to 6 stair so he could film a line and go home with something! He was getting super close and all it took was time for him to stomp both tricks and roll away into some high fives from the boys! A successful day!


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