B-Side Saturday #16

   This is the last 3 clips of unseen vx footy sitting around on my harddrive collecting dust. I remember my vx2000 came in the mail one day before Corey, Nico and myself were doing a week long Vic trip. It seemed like perfect timing but little did I know the ebay seller didn't mention the battery was fucked on it and would only hold a charge for a few minutes at the most. Having no time to get a new battery we ended up using Corey's little Sony handycam for most of the trip, luckily this out ledge at UVic had a plugin near by so I could charge it up every few minutes. This was just a warmup tailslide for Corey before he did a 270 out which you can watch here. All 5 of those UVic clips in the video was in one day by the way, Corey's got that!

   Ace is crazy. This drop in is nuts; there is two sides to this wall, the small side is about 6 feet and the big side is at least 10 feet. Dropping into the 6 foot side is gnarly and I never thought the big side was even possible until I heard Ace did it and of course I wanted to film it. Ace is always down to film so we went back and he did it a few more times with ease. If you've never been to this spot and your in Courtenay I suggest you check it out, it will blow your mind!


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