B-Side Saturday #19

   This  instalment of B-Sides is a 2011 throwback, with all the clips from April-May 2011.
   I went to Ogden Point where this bank is to skate with Sean Hanebury, Leon Breton and Richard back in April. This is basically the last clip I filmed at the session, and although this spot has appeared a fair share in B-Side episodes, there's no point having them go to waste. This was one of the few tricks Richard did on the spot, all fairly easy for him although this spot is not near as easy to skate as it may look.
   This tailslide of Henri was from back in May while out skating with him and Dylan Toby. Henri was trying to get a better tailslide but this thin flatbar is really high, as well as having vertical bars going up it that your wheels catch on, making it harder to skate than it should be. Even though it wasn't one he wanted, Henri is always having fun and can still crack a little laugh!
   Sean has gotten the some of the best tricks on this ledge, this warmup backtail shuv out being one of them. He later got a backtail 3 shuv that appeared in our 2011 street montage, viewable here. Riding up on the curb to this ledge requires some precision but it ain't no thang for Sean. Shooting with Sean is always a pleasure, come down to Vic soon homie!!


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