Cutting Out the Extras

   As you may have noticed, is now! Leo and I are both stoked to have changed it up, been a long time coming that's for sure.
   These photos are from quite some time ago. Being that I wasn't super happy with how I shot the still, in combination with there being too many posts of this spot, I sat on it as long as possible; I actually had forgotten I even shot it. But letting them sit on my computer is doing much good either so I may as well throw 'em up here! We got here when it was starting to get dark but Matt was keen to get a trick so he tried to get it fast. This spot is deceiving; it looks perfect, but you soon realize it isn't anywhere near perfect when you try skating it. It's supposed to be a nice day as long as the roads end up drying.. hopefully we can all get some skating in while it lasts!


Matt Gravel- switch pop shuv [o] Connor

Matt Gravel- sequential evidence [o] Connor

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