B Side Saturday #18

It's been awhile since i got the chance to go out street skating. Tyrone and Isaac have been down in Vic for the past week killin it so it was perfect timing to go out and film a few lines at this tennis court spot. After a nice long vdub sesh these Gordon Head benches were a chill way to end the day. Isaac and Tyrone both got there lines quickly just before it got too dark to film. In between is a quick footed warm up trick from Corey at this gap downtown. Most people don't know Corey has webbed toes which is actually his secrete to un-human board control; this ollie to 180 is a good example.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a promo to Cheyenne Hehr's upcoming full length YGT part. Cheyenne's always puttin in work dropping bangers so make sure to check back!


Watch in 720p HD!

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