Skater's Valentine

   While most people were out with their special someones last night, I was out shooting. Tyrone Roberts and Isaac Walker have been in town for a little bit from Campbell River and I was stoked to go shooting with them; just like a pack of hounds, these boys are huuungryy!! There's no motivation issues when it comes to these two which makes my job that much easier. Tyrone suggested shooting a photo on this memorial statue, and I'm usually not one to shoot on something like this but Tyrone guaranteed he'd have it in 5 tries. Besides, a little bit of wax never hurt anyone. As I was setting up, 4 firetrucks swarmed the building across the road for no apparent reason...but needless to say we wanted to get the trick as quick as we could and jet in case da popo showed up. I take it Tyrone is a man of his word because on his 5th try he was rolling away. If that little girl wasn't a statue she'd run right past her dad and give Tyrone a hug for a job well done!


Tyrone Roberts- frontblunt [o] Connor

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