The Sun Can't Shine Everyday

   Apologies to those who checked YGT yesterday and didn't see anything new; the internet at my house was being super patchy and I had to wait until I got to work today to get a solid connection. It's times like that which make me realize just how important the internet is for what I do. Hopefully the internet is working this Sunday because Campbell River's Jaymes Anderson will have a park edit he's been working on for us to share with you! For now, feast your eyes upon a backside 50-50 pop out from Leon Breton. The roads were soaked this day so we went to BCBC to skate some flat and surprisingly shot a couple photos. I see this flatbar against the fence every time I go skate there and have wanted to shoot something on it for some time now. Leon's always down to try and shoot something so when I proposed the idea to him he was instantly down. This was a casual warm up for another trick he did on it which will be up on here in due time! The sun can't shine every day so make use of this beautiful weather we've been having and go skate!!!!


Leon Breton- backside 50-50 pop out [o] Connor

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