B-Side Saturday #21

   Working on Saturday sucks, especially since I usually post on Saturdays. Unlike last week, at least this time I actually have enough time to write something; plus, getting paid to write this is a bonus!

   Jake Hamilton starts this week's episode off with a warm up 50-50 at the green flatbars from back in the summer. I'm sure you guys can recognize Jake as the wasted dude at the Shake Junt premier hah! WHO DA HELL!!!
   Luke filmed this next clip of Dylan Timmins so I cant say much about it. One thing I think of when I watch it is that sound the road makes every once in awhile when you land on newer pavement. It's kind of a high pitched, "pew." I think it must have something to do with they ground being hollow underneath or maybe theres underground piping, who knows. Anyways, I'm gonna stop rambling about this and get to the last trick.
   This is one of the first clips filmed at Courtenay's ghetto spot. Everyone calls this dude "Bubba." I don't know why or what his real name is but he's pretty sick. Bubba and Keith actually made this uprail out of an old boat rudder they found near by. It's heavy as fuck but well worth the effort in the end. Everyone got a gang of tricks on it, this halfcab noseslide 270 being my favorite even though the filming sucked.

   Issac Walker's got a bigspin Whoop That Trick coming out tomorrow. He's got a damn good bigspin so be sure to check back tomorrow and see what what he throws it down!


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