B-Side Saturday #23

Im really hyped to not work a Saturday for once! Since its so beautiful out I'm gonna keep this short so I can get off the computer an out skatin. This first trick is some b-roll from cheyennes part, the fakie shuv manny flip was actually the last trick he got for the part I ednded up editing it in the night before it went up on youtube! Keith did a few tricks on this ledge its pretty chunky and has a little bump at the end which makes it fun to pop out of, Keith had no problem doin this flip 5050 in a few tries. This last trick is sketchy, the wall is a little bit wider then your board so you really gotta make sure to keep it strait or you'll be flying into the bush below. TJ originally wanted to manual it but we were getting kicked out by angry dudes at the golf course as he did this ride on, still gnarly in my books! Speaking of TJ Watt his brother Cort Watt's gonna have a never seen before street part dropping here tomorrow, its super tight so don't miss out and head over here tomorrow!


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