B-Side Saturday #24

   This bs 180 up this 4 stair of Leon Breton was a casual warm up for the kickflip and heelflip he did up it. The kickflip can be seen in Tyler Mculloch's Bretonfast, in a line nonetheless.
   We were skating the coped ledge alongside the wall right across from this spot, and after the session on that was over I suggested to Dan Lintaman that we should film/shoot an ollie just for the hell of it. Dan ollie'd this sketchy spot with a fair amount of ease considering just how tight of a squeeze it is; one wrong move and your head will be hurting like hell for a few days.
   Corey Cawdell did this kickflip manual 180 out as a warm up for a gnarly follow up trick that you'll be seeing in due time! We were driving to a different spot when Leo spotted what he thought was a skateable spot at this place, and although what he thought was a good spot was a bust, we got much documentation on everything else this spot had to offer!


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