Beakin' Hill

   As a kid, my parents would often take me down to Beacon Hill park to walk around or head down to Clover Point to fly kites and whatnot. I hadn't gone there in a few years, so I wasn't expecting there to really be any skate spots there. When Luke Fast mentioned he had a trick he wanted to shoot there I was stoked; knowing what it's like, I thought for sure I'd get something that looked cool. Luke did this 50-50 super quick considering just how dirt the rail is. After two to make it true, we checked out the curve ledges just across the way. Koji is super fun to skate with! Always stoked and happy to be on his board, it was a pleasure to shoot with him. After Koji got his trick we were out of BH park and back into downtown where Isaac got a banger you'll see soon!


Luke Fast- 50-50 [o] Connor

Koji Hattori- frontnose [o] Connor

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