Black Holing

   The most common meet up place for skateboarders before going street skating is usually the skatepark. It can be a great meet up place, but users beware. It has a tendency to suck you in like a black hole and forever preventing you from getting into the streets; it takes great skill to only stay at the park for the decided "20 minute warm-up." I often feel like a motivational speaker trying to get people out of the park to come street skate, but sometimes it just isn't happening for whatever reason. Thankfully TJ was on top of me to leave the park so it happened fairly quickly. I noticed this stump on Yates Street a few weeks ago and really wanted to shoot some photos on it, so when TJ and I were trying to decide a spot this one came to mind right away. TJ got a better trick on this for a later post, but I like how simple and clean this ollie looks so I'm posting it!

TJ Watt- ollie [o] Connor

   I don't usually post park photos on here, but this was one evening that street skating was not happening so I figured I may as well shoot something at the park! Johnny had never done ollies into back disasters before but he learned it on spot for the photo. Good skating Johnny!

Johnny Hanuse- back disaster [o] Connor

   Also, here's the new header photo without crop of Cort back 180ing onto the Pat Bay Highway at Elk Lake.


Cort Watt- backside 180 [o] Connor

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