Cheyenne Hehr (champagne birthday) YGT Part!

It feels good to finally be writing this post. This part has been talked about and thrown around for a long time. Only until the last month or so did we really start filming hard for this part. There was lots of tricks Cheyenne wanted to get and he basically got all of them; the majority being in the last week! I don't think I've ever filmed or skated with someone so driven to get tricks. Even if it mean't coming back to the spot multiple times or skating it for hours on end Chey hardly ever gives up. I'm really excited to bring you guys this part, and to me it's a perfect example of how hard work and dedication pays off. Next time you see Cheyenne at the park or out in streets make sure to give him props and most of all wish him a HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY!!


For a more enjoyable viewing experience watch it in 720p HD!

Thanks to Cyrus Stafford, Erik Sorensen, Brenton Paupst, Skylar Kehr, Benson Wishart and & Luke Connor for filming and contributing footy towards this part!

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