Lake of the Elk

   Shooting at spots with good scenery is a make or break for some photos; whether it's a forest, a cool looking building or a sunset, it always makes things that much better for how I want my photos to look. Thankfully I don't live in Cali because I would get so bored of shooting grey spots all the time. When the suggestion to go skate Elk Lake aroused last weekend I was really hoping I'd get something good! Not only did I get something good, I got a lot of good documentation! Richard's photo is a fairly stock fisheye photo, but I had never shot this bank fisheye before so I wanted to see what I could do with it. I like how Trevor's photo turned out because of the moss on the bank and the trees in the background. Cort also got a photo at the spot which is a scenery masterpiece!! But that'll have to wait for another post...gotta maintain.


Richard Redman- backtail slide [o] Connor

Trevor Mcdermid- switch bluntslide [o] Connor

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