Want a free YGTee?

   My apologies to anyone who was expecting cheyennes part to be up today, It happens to be Cheyenne's 20th birthday on March 20th so we decided it would be way sicker to drop the part on his "champagne" birthday instead of today since its only a few days apart. Cheyenne's been on a killing spree getting last minute bangers for this part, we can guarantee its gonna be worth the wait!
   To make it up to you guys were gonna give away a red YGT tee to the first person that can tell us what Cheyenne did on this rail (pictured below) and how much tries it took him. To enter all you have to do is like us on facebook if you don't already and answer on our wall, we will pick a winner tomorrow night!


Cheyenne Hehr - ??

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