What Should Come First?

   With the internet how it is these days and how quickly footage/photos are being pushed upon the skate community, it has me wondering if it's more acceptable now to have footage of the trick appear before a photo? Before the internet, photos would come out in mags first, growing hype for when the footy is released and giving the reader time to wonder how well the trick was done apart from that split-second freeze frame. In my opinion, it's that "what if?" thinking and curiosity built into humans that makes the mysterious aspects of a still photo that much more appealing to see first, for when you finally see how a trick is done in the footy everything comes full circle. These following photos were shot after the footy had come out in their respecting videos, which leads to the question: do these photos hold the same value to you having already seen the footage?
   Cort Watt had this trick in his 55 Bay part a while back, and we had gone to this spot to try and shoot something new but it didn't pan out as planned so we just shot a 50-50 for the hell of it.

Cort Watt- 50-50 [o] Connor

   Trevor Mcdermid's backlip pop out was very recently seen in Tyler Mcculloch's full length Bretonfast. Having wanted to shoot something at this spot, I saw Trevor at the park a few nights ago and suggested we go shoot a photo of it. Turned out way better than I was expecting thanks to the crisp winter sunset!!

Trevor Mcdermid- backlip pop out [o] Connor

   Also playing upon the theme of this post, our friends over at www.skatematic.com have recently released an app for their website. You Got That! has a dedicated video page on their website, so go check out their site to download the free app and see what they're all about! Here's a video promoting the app, they Got That!

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