B-Side Saturday #26

   Cheyenne Hehr and I were skating at this school in Esquimalt with Eric Timmins and Isaac Walker. I first saw this spot in a photo of Jay Zemanek half-cab flipping over the rail, shot by Rigo Gonzalez. After moving one of the heavy garbage bins to skate over. Cheyenne decided to take a different approach to his skating and nosebonk the bin; was a bit of a struggle having never done a nosebonk before but he did it!
   This was the session that Cheyenne got the fakie shuv manny fakie flip that was in his full length street part here on YGT. It took TJ a little while to do this kickflip manny because of trying to keep up speed around the corner, as you can tell by the swervin' and curvin'.
   I can't say anything about this ollie from Dan Redmond since I wasn't at this session, asides from the fact that Dan makes it look like he's popping up a curb.


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